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Serving the San Joaquin Valley
for over 60 Years


Stockton Supplier of Baseball and Softball Infield Materials

baseball field
baseball field

We are San Joaquin County's leading baseball and softball infield material supplier.

Allen’s has supplied infield materials to the Oakland A’s and Milwaukee Brewers affiliates, and many college, high school, Babe Ruth, Little League, city and county baseball and softball diamonds from Clear Lake, California, to Madera, California.

Infield mix is available in our standard mix (60% processed clay/40% red cinders), or we can mix to your specifications.

We also have:

  • Blended topsoil for your grass areas
  • Processed clay for the mounds and batter’s boxes
  • Red cinders for infield topping and warning tracks

Athletic Field Products for Baseball Diamonds


Nature’s most unique soil amendment.

Other products available:

  • Marking Lime
  • Drag Mats (various sizes)
  • Diamond Rakes
  • Hollywood and Bolco Base
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pros choice

Pro’s Choice Products

SOILMASTER RED is the choice of the 1998 World Series Champion New York Yankees groundskeeper, Dan Cunningham.

"SOILMASTER has the size, texture and color I require for my infield." – Dan Cunningham, New York Yankees

Pro's Choice SOILMASTER RED is the ultimate infield conditioner demanded by the professionals.

Pro's Choice products are the choice of the...

  • Chicago White Sox
  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • California Angels
  • Florida Marlins
  • Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Philadelphia Phillies
  • Cincinnati Reds
  • Milwaukee Brewers
  • New York Mets
  • St. Louis Cardinals
  • Tampa Bay Devil Rays

SOILMASTER RED has the ideal size and color for the demanding requirements of today’s groundskeepers.

Infield Conditioner

  • Blends easily into existing infield mix.
  • Permits faster return to play after rain, eliminating puddles, muddy conditions and slick spots.
  • Prevents excessive compaction of infield soil and promotes superior drainage qualities.
  • Retains moisture to keep playing surface virtually dust-free, firm and resilient – without dry-out or cracking.
  • Highly durable – designed to keep infields in top condition season after season.
  • SOILMASTER, in any quantity, is a permanent improvement to a skinned area. Once it is put in a field, it works year after year to help control excess water, compaction, and dusting.
  • Your budget will determine the quantity you apply to your field. You can choose an application program, which fits, within your budget. The total amount of SOILMASTER will depend on each field’s unique needs and problems. Some skinned areas are very playable with a 1-to-2-ton application every year. Others require a 22-ton renovation.
rapid dry

Drying Agent

  • Works quickly to soak up puddles and make fields playable.
  • Works efficiently, producing desired results with minimum effort.
  • Works better because its granular structure encourages rapid absorption.
  • Works longer because the particles are heat-treated and will remain rigid.
  • RAPID DRY, a field-drying agent consist of fine granular particles that have been baked (calcined) to ensure durability and to increase absorption capabilities.

The fine-sized granular structure of RAPID DRY speeds the wicking and absorption of excess water while improving soil consistency and helping to reduce compaction.

Puddles disappear, safer footing is restored and games play on schedule.

Long-lasting, RAPID DRY easily mixes in the soil, stays there and continues working to absorb excess water that may accumulate.

RAPID DRY – the game-saving quick fix for wet and muddy ball diamonds, football and soccer fields – is easy and economical to use.

Mound/Batter’s Box Clay

PRO MOUND is a unique packing clay that bonds to form a solid subsurface base at the bound and batter’s box areas.

  • Allows pitchers and batters to "dig in” and establish the footing they need without creating large holes.
  • Quick and easy to install, requiring only a shovel, rake, tamp and water.
  • Packaged in convenient-to-use plastic bags, which can be stored outside.
  • Highly durable packing clay that remains firmly intact, is long-lasting and easy to manage.
pro mound
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Ballpark Surfaces

Stabilizer is nature’s most unique soil amendment. It is designed by nature to enhance the equilibrium of the soil. Stabilizer, when mixed with clays, loams, sands or crushed stone mixes, binds them together with water to produce a firm resilient playing surface that produces less mud, less dirt and more playing time.

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